Book360's Business Benefits

Life can be ruff... That's why we've made creating your trip itinerary seamless.

Introducing Book360, the better way to scale your travel business. Take your tour operating business to the next level by utilising the operational efficiencies; customisable features; and transitioning tools offered by Book360, all while enjoying massive cost savings!

Book360 makes life just a little less cumbersome

With the travel industry currently undergoing monumental change in the transition to the "new normal", what better time than now to switch booking systems. Book360 is a comprehensive cloud-based tour operating software solution developed by Hex Company to allow Online Travel Agents (OTAs) a more efficient way to manage all the daily tasks involved in running their business. Book360 functions as the OTAs main operational platform, performing multiple functions such as producing quotes and invoices, developing itineraries and managing supplier databases. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just do it, make the switch

Make use of this temporary pause to make the painless switch in booking systems so that you can work more efficiently as well as take a big bite out of your running costs. We know old habits die hard, but learning the ropes with Book360 is not a steep learning curve. Take your tour operating business to new heights! Read more on Book360's Business Benefits here.

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