Operational Efficiencies

Time is money! Find out how Book360 will save you both.

The Book360 team knows that you have a lot on your plate and time is money. Your business will benefit from a host of operational efficiencies ranging from reduced booking times, effortless document creation, uninterrupted workflow and hassle free (management) reporting. At Book360 we have taken great pains to keep our user interface as simple and as intuitive as possible, so that you can make the most of your time. Whether that be focussing on expanding your business, building client relationships, or taking a well deserved break.

Time to Create New Bookings

To put things into perspective, a comparison will be drawn between Book360 and one of the leading legacy systems. A side-by-side comparison showed that consultants spent on average 5 minutes on a 20 service booking but took twice as long to complete the identical booking on the legacy system.

Time to Create Travel Documents

To create a travel guide on Book360 will take a consultant approximately 30 minutes per booking. Performing the same task on the leading legacy system will take consultants three times as long. That is an extra hour in your day to hustle!

No Third-Party Travel Document Software Required

What's more, Book360 offers a built-in document generator. Providing consultants with colourful itineraries and quotes with the click of a button at no additional cost! Using one of the leading legacy systems, you will first need to purchase third-party software that can perform this function. Consultants would need to perform the laborious task of mapping itineraries and exporting data between systems. This function not only saves time and improves workflow, it will also save you a lot of resources!

Uninterrupted workflow

Book360 is an extensive system with a comprehensive dashboard filled with tools to make your workflow as seamless as possible. Included in the dashboard is a support desk chat feature to help you fix any issues in a matter of minutes. You can report and chat to the Book360 IT support team without having to switch between applications and interrupt your workflow. Book360 further offers consultants a fully integrated supplier portal, making the efficient management of supplier data including rates, contracts, associated files and high resolution images, effortless.

Still not convinced to switch? There is more...

Book360 was developed in collaboration with top industry tour operators in an effort to identify and eliminate the exact challenges consultants face daily. Furthermore, Book360 can be customised to automate many of the laborious business functions. There is also the option to customize Book360 to streamline the processes that are unique to your company. Read on to find out more about the ability to customise Book360.

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