Ability to customise

Your business is unique — that's why we've made it possible to add custom features to your booking system.

In business, being unique is what gives you a competitive advantage. Setting you apart from your competitors is essential to your success. Being able to incorporate custom functions into your Book360 software solution, will allow you to easily and effectively implement your competitive advantage during service delivery.

Customised features in less than a third of the time

The Book360 team understands this and has therefore made it as quick and easy as possible for you to customise your tour operating software solution to suit your business's precise needs. Requesting new features from a typical legacy system provider can take anything between six months and two years to materialize, and often may not happen at all. The same request for custom features for your Book360 system will be fulfilled within one to two months of the request at a very competitive rate.

Endless customisation possibilities

Whatever your customization requirement is, the Book360 team will help you achieve your goal. Whether you would like to include a connection to your existing website to show bookings, export colourful quotes and itineraries to share directly to your clients via the internet, or integrating your external accounting system. The possibilities are endless. Even more reason to make the switch now! Read on to see how uncomplicated transitioning to Book360 can be.

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