Transitioning Tools

Change doesn't need to be scary — at least not when you have the right tools.

The business benefits for Book360 speak for themselves. Not only will you save costs on software and hardware, you will also save time by working more efficiently. The comprehensive tour operating software solution offered by Book360 allows you to optimize your workflow, create colourful itineraries, quotes and travel guides, and manage your suppliers more quickly and easily than ever before.

Will there ever be a better time for change?

Let's face it, the only thing holding you back at this stage is the dreaded thought of making a potentially time-consuming transition away from your legacy system. For the first time in decades, the tourism industry has the time to pause and reflect on ways to improve how their businesses operate in order to move business forward post-pandemic. We may never have this opportunity again, best use it wisely to take your business to new heights!

But what about the risk of migrating data?

Then there is always the concern of safely migrating your precious data. We get it! That?s why we have made it possible to run your legacy system side-by-side with new bookings using the Book360 database sync. The ability to automatically and continuously import data is just one of the awesome features that makes Book360 stand out from the crowd. By connecting Book360 directly to your legacy system's database and synchronizing only the necessary data, Book360 users get the best of both worlds. There will be no need to manually transfer years of accumulated rates, customer info, supplier and booking data into the new system. Your security and backup systems will remain intact and there will be no risky migrations for the IT department.

Switch to Book360. Seriously, it is the best decision you will make!

The cherry on the cake is that having your data in the Book360 system will allow consultants at home and travel agents abroad to enjoy the benefits of working remotely using their browser, and getting access to everything they need from the cloud. With all the cost savings, operational efficiencies, customizability and painless transitioning, switching to Book360 will be the easiest decision you will make today!

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