The DocBuilder

A Document Production Wizard

Now that you've created the tour in TripBuilder, time to start generating some travel documents to get the travellers (or agents) excited. DocBuilder is Book360's travel document production powerhouse that enables you to produce and share top-class travel documents with agents and travellers ? all with minimal effort. The DocBuilder generates a detailed itinerary automatically from your booking info, which includes all of the colourful high rez destination content as well as names and number of travellers, travel dates, cost, destinations and other essential trip details.


Booking vouchers, descriptions and instructions, accompanied by colourful images and captivating descriptions result in a tour overview that is larger than life. Everything is "baked-in" and delivered to you automatically. Just add your own little cherry on the cake, place in the gift box and send it out to your clients.


We know how important an individualised approach is in the tourism industry, so with DocBuilder you can make it warm and personal by editing or adding anything that comes to mind on-the-fly. You can also change images, and even embed links to make it as customized as possible.


But the best is yet to come? Have you ever found yourself spinning around with paperwork? It can be a real pain in the neck for travel agents, especially if you need some urgent documents at the eleventh hour. Book360 offers you remote access to the DocBuilder (and the rest of the system) anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, you can share all files and documents with the agent or client via email or via the cloud with a secure link. Less hassle with paper ? more beautiful forests for tourists to visit.

DocBuilder Handles Everything, Just Like That!

Finally, with the DocBuilder you can generate a quote, and with just a few clicks forward it to the agent or traveller. All information is pulled directly from the TripBuilder, so by simply swapping services in TripBuilder, you can generate a new quote.

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