Book360's features

4 powerful arrows in your quiver

Let us introduce our multitasking tour operator system, which gives you a 360-degree view of your travel business. Book360's four core features will help you to manage all tour, customer, supplier data and content; as well as all your back-office activities and document production. In other words it has everything needed to make your workflow a lot smoother and more efficient.

Let TripBuilder do all the heavy lifting

Well, first things first, TripBuilder is the heart and soul of Book360. It joyfully takes you through the most important steps when creating a tour, whether from scratch or by using your company's pre-made packages. This feature allows you to create a trip as easily as building with Lego, where you design, transform and match your tour in the most suitable way for the traveller.

Speed up your workflow

The DocBuilder produces travel documents that are a sight for sore eyes. This feature enables you to compose all necessary documents including itineraries, generate the quotes, and share that data in a few seconds. Moreover, it gives you access to these documents anywhere and anytime. This is essential when you need to have your finger on the pulse all the time, isn't it?

Gain the trust of your travellers

The DocBuilder gets even more exciting when seen in the context of the TravelGuide. The TravelGuide automatically generates a mini-website or PDF with the full itinerary of the tour uniquely tailored for each trip. The Travel guide includes a welcome letter, accomodation list, route map and all regional information. So in just a few clicks, this overview can be shared with a traveller or agent. Who knew that interaction could be so easy?

The mothership

And finally, Book360 provides you with an interactive Dashboard where you can integrate all of your back-office activities such as staying connected with your suppliers, assigning the user roles, managing access to your bookings, generating and sharing secret links to stay connected with your agent or traveller, loading your own data to supplier portal and getting technical support. The Dashboard is a bird's eye view of your entire travel business. This is a really great help when you have to multitask between different clients (within the booking or between different bookings). Interesting? So let's hop to the next page and dig into more detail.

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