Bookings & Reservations

Book360 TripBuilder

Visual itinerary builder

The TripBuilder is a visual itinerary creator and central reservation system. It is the core of Book360. Open a new booking and start to create! Start by selecting the travel dates from the calendar and the TripBuilder will produce a calendar view for you to enjoy a visual overview of the trip.

The next step is to select the number of travellers and room configuration to specify the accommodation type. Now you can plan all exciting activities for the best travel experience.

How to Create the Perfect Trip?

The TripBuilder gives you access to all essential parts of the trip: Accommodation, Excursions, Meals, Transfers or Car Rental, Meet and greets, Entrance fees, Flights, and any other arrangements that need to be created. For maximum flexibility, there are two ways to search for each: by destination or the supplier code. Whichever way you prefer, all supplier and product information is pulled directly from your Supplier Portal.

Let your data work for you

Rates, locations, contacts and loads of high resolution images of each supplier are immediately accessible. If you choose to browse by destination, all suppliers in that region appear in alphabetical order and can be filtered further by type or star-rating.

Stay in touch

Need to contact suppliers to check availability? Use the built-in messaging system that creates the entire email for you. Just do a quick review to ensure that everything is correct and click send. We've got your back with all essential templates, customized to your own branding, everything is built into your Book360 server.

Don't get tangled in your service lines

All of the services on your trip calendar are color-coded, this is a nice feature to help you not to get lost in all your arrangements. All so it is easy to make sure everything is in order and there are no gaps. You can also add notes, time reminders, or any other information that you need to pay attention to or pass along to your team.

Don't break the bank

Keep the costs under control with the budget gauge and make sure that you are not burning the hole in the client's pocket. The TripBuilder generates a detailed cost breakdown, where you can see all mark-ups and sell rates. Furthermore, you can edit the rate if there is any special agreement with the supplier.