Let's start talking

Consultations are always the starting point in the successful implementation of Book360. The Book360 team aims to better understand your needs, wants and expectations in order to provide the most cost-effective solution to meet your unique and individual organisational requirements. Book360 involves securely moving important, sensitive data and decommissioning legacy systems which can put you or anyone on edge. Hence, consultations don't start and end at the initial stage of communication but are rather an active, on-going process.

Who is Involved in the Consultation?

The initial consultations are targeted at management in all departments in order to get an understanding of the business as a whole. Thereafter, management will be selected based upon the business requirement, function or department that is being focused on.

How the Consultation Sessions are Structured

The consultations take place either at your physical office, our office or via an online video conference. The workshops are structured with a five minute introduction and an overview of the high level functionality of Book360. The remainder of the session is about discussing your company's business rules, requirements and workflows. Particular attention is given to your organization's business rules that are to function within Book360. The sessions are also kept flexible should you have initial thoughts or ideas to be explored. All sessions are recorded and transcribed. The team begins on time and no time is wasted. The notes and recordings are made available to you for future reference and for those who aren't present or weren't able to make it.

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