Installation & configuration

Installation of a new Book360 server

The process begins with the installation and configuration of your new Book360 cloud-based server in a data-centre that is appropriate to your team and target audience. The safe and secure dedicated cloud server is setup and configured with your company's specific needs in mind. Once configured, your team will have access to your very own Book360 cloud application and database or databases through any device connected to the internet.

Configuration of a New Server

The Book360 team has developed a host of specialised migration tools to aid your organisation in its transition away from legacy systems and to assist in making the setup and configuration as seamless as possible. The Book360 Database Sync application is hosted on your secure cloud and is configured by the Book360 team to export the relevant information, which consists of all travel-related content such as text, images and videos, from the legacy database to be imported into your Book360 environment. This is an automated process which allows for all of your bookings, supplier and customer information for B2B, travellers for B2C as well as rates to be available directly in the cloud for immediate use in Book360.

Initial Data Migration Using the DB Sync

There are three tools that have been created in order to smoothly and safely cleanse and migrate your data into the cloud :

  1. Database sync app
  2. Sequencing tool
  3. GPS diagnostics tool

The DB Sync App is used for the migration of data initially when the bulk of your data is moved to your Book360 cloud and then continues to be migrated as an ongoing process as long as your legacy system is used. Redundant data is eliminated.

Capturing of your Company's Brand Assets

Your organisation's branding is reflected throughout the Book360 system. Your brand assets (logo formats, colours, texts) are used in the email templates, quotes, invoices, vouchers and travel guides to make the documentation stand out as your own.

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