Introduction to implementation

The Book360 implementation process

The Book360 team has developed a suite of specialized tools which make the transition process from legacy systems and databases as smooth as possible. The Book360 implementation and transformation process is summarised as follows:


The consultations take place to get an understanding of your business as well as your booking process in order to provide the most cost-effective solution to meet your requirements.

Installation and Configuration

The process begins with the installation and configuration of your new Book360 cloud-based server. A secure and dedicated cloud server is configured allowing for… Once configured, your team will have access to the Book360 cloud application through any device of choice that is connected to the internet.


Customization focuses on tailoring Book360 specifically to your organisational needs. The system is built with integration in mind and designed to expand with you as your business grows.

Data Migration

Data migration is a quick and automated on-going process where your existing bookings and supplier information are migrated and converted from the current legacy system you are using to your new Book360 system in the cloud.


During the rollout, a smooth transition takes place from legacy systems to Book360 with minimum disruption to your business operations.


Through the on-site or online training provided your team will become proficient in the use of Book360

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