Book360 training provided

The Book360 team provides you with access to training.

Online training

The management as well as other roles according to your organisation's structure (consultants, support, accounting, marketing, contracting). The training is done onsite or via available online training videos. With the onsite training, the training takes place at your offices. The agents are divided into small groups of approximately six people within the various departments of the organisation.

Dashboard - Library of Online Training Videos

Your Book360 system contains a library of short training videos which are mostly under five minutes long. This library is conveniently located within your Dashboard and can be accessed at any time. Videos relating to certain specific features are available by clicking the lifebuoy icon adjacent to the actual feature itself.

Who is Involved in the Training

We recommend that managers be trained first so that they may be prepared should any questions arise during subsequent training. Once managers have been trained then they can be followed by the other roles in the organisation such as the consultants, IT support and accounts staff.