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Kindling course

  1. Trip concept (outline already given to Andreja Dintinjana, Simone, Adoniah) Research…
  2. Adding a destination (or destinations)Definition of destination
  3. Adding destination image and description
  4. Adding suppliers and products
    • Adding an organisation (contact details, logo)
    • Adding a supplier (search for the already added organisation and edit it to add more details)
    • Supplier policies (charge units for activities, food & drinks, transport)
    • Adding products (name, image, description, destination, charge units - need to match policies)
    • Types of products - activity, transport, food & drink, hotel rooms
    • Adding rates for products
    • Adding documents (content items) - upload, link to product, link to supplier, link to destination, image captions and rating/featured
    • Mention that you can find these in Content Library as well, not only on the supplier page
  5. Adding trips basics
    • Package title, description, image requirements
    • Adding people to a trip
    • Number of days and pax
    • Adding accommodation
    • Adding activities, transport, food & drink
  6. Adding bucket list items
    • Image requirements
    • Description
    • Categories
    • Destination
    • Linking to trip
  7. Publishing your trip
  8. Promoting your trip: writing a blog and…
    • Creating blog posts in Content Library, uploading images
    • Editing in DocBuilder
    • Adding images and captions
    • Adding and editing CTAs
  9. Promoting your trip: reaching out to suppliers (contracting)
  10. Promoting your trip: asking suppliers to join the travelpod
  11. Promoting your trip: reaching out to ambassadors, DMOs
  12. Customising a trip (chat with travel consultant) - length, comfort level, activities
  13. What happens after someone books a trip
    • Creating a booking from a package
    • Editing it in DocBuilder (?)
    • Customer pays 50% of trip price in advance (discuss refund policies, terms and conditions)